Crush The CRA Scam

Awareness Campaign Aimed At Tax Man Scam

It’s tax time again, and that means you might be dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency sooner than later. The Mounties want to make sure the person on the other end of the call actually is from the CRA. They’re ramping up a public awareness campaign this Tax Season, to make sure everyone is aware of the so called CRA Scam. That’s the one where some scam artist calls up, pretending to be the tax man with claims you owe lots of money. The RCMP is asking every man, woman, and child across the land to keep talking about this scam, especially as the tax bill comes due, so everyone is aware of the scam and doesn’t lose out. A second component to this awareness endeavour has the RCMP reaching out to those who have already fallen victim to the CRA Scam, so that they not fall victim to a second scam involving the promise of a refund on money lost, for an “administrative surcharge.” Everyone is being encouraged to join the online conversation with the hashtag #CrushTheCRAscam