2 Father/Son Sports Duos Each Do Something Amazing

Just in time for Father's Day this weekend, the sports universe makes the case that we live in a simulation!

You can’t script these father/son sports moments from this week. And the fact that they happened in the lead up to Father’s Day is extra incredible. Do we live in a computer simulation or is just crazy coincidence?

Vladimir Guerrero Sr. & Jr.

Like, what are the odds? Seriously can a genius who’s reading this calculate the odds of a father & son having these exact same stats through the exact same amount of games? Personally, I don’t remember Vladdy Sr. being the proficient homerun hitter that Junior is being made out to be. But damn.

Mitchell & Andrew Wiggins

Not to be outdone, Mitchell Wiggins put in a clutch performance 36 years ago when he came off the bench to score 16 points & grab 7 rebounds to lead his team to victory in an NBA playoff game 5 against the Boston Celtics. Nearly four decades later, his son Andrew Wiggins came off the bench to score 26 points & get 13 rebounds in an equally heroic, clutch performance…in an NBA playoff game 5 against the Boston Celtics. (Can we adjust Mitchell’s totals for inflation?)

Which is more impressive?

Happy Father’s Day to athletes & non-athletes alike. These are crazy accomplishments that parents can’t even dream of. The statistical improbability of the Guerrero’s performance almost makes me want to give the edge to them, but eerily similar situations that the Wiggins’ faced, and what their performances mean has me almost leaning their way. I also love basketball!