UPDATE: County Approves Horseshoe Valley Road Location For Organics Facility

Chosen from 100s of possible sites

March 23 – Simcoe County Council has given final approval to the location of an organics processing facility on Horseshoe Valley Road, between Highway 27 and 400. “Approving the best location was an important milestone in this process as we look to manage and control our waste in a more responsible way,” said Warden Marshall. “Our staff will now focus their efforts on determining site-specific requirements, work to identify technology and continue to engage our neighbours and stakeholders in an open and transparent manner.” The County will host two public information sessions on April 19, 2016 at the Simcoe County Museum at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Recently Asked Questions
How large is the facility?
The facility footprint is anticipated to be 11 acres (approx. 5%) of the 207 acre location.

What is the impact on the forest?
Replanting of trees will be considered for trees cleared for construction. Trees not impacted by construction will remain.

Will the property remain open for recreational use after the facility is built?
Yes. Site design will allow for continued use of the forest for recreational purposes.

March 1 – County of Simcoe has pinpointed the location it wants for its new organics processing facility – land along Horsehoe Valley Road halfway between Highway 27 and Highway 400. It was chosen from a list of 500 possibilities. The facility is part of the 2010 Waste Diversion Strategy, which called for less organic material ending up in county landfill sites. County Council still has some legwork to do before giving final approval to the site.