Costs More To Get On The Go

Increase will help fund new trips, cars and maintenance

You’ll need a little extra to get on the GO today…as much as 60 cents more on trips from Barrie to Union Station.

PRESTO users will see less of an increase because of the discount they receive, that will be going up slightly for each rider group as listed below:

  • Adult rides 1 – 35 will now have an 11.15% discount
  • Student rides 1 – 35 will now have an 18.40% discount.
  • Children & Senior rides 1 – 35 will now have a 52.65% discount.
  • All rides from 36 onward will have the discount remain the same

The increase is to help fund projects like the addition of 19 new train trips system wide and 127 new cars – the first of which will hit the rails – and new maintenance programs.