Conservancy Group Adds Over A Hundred Acres To Protected Lands

Forested Lands Open to The Public

Good news for nature lovers, or anyone who enjoys fresh air. The Nature Conservancy of Canada announced today they’ve scooped up two parcels of land in the Happy Valley Forest. This means for 116 acres will be added to the forest’s existing protected space, which not only protects the headwaters of streams that feed into Lake Simcoe, but also boasts a population of ancient trees and crucial wildlife. There are currently 737 acres of protected land in the King Township-area forest, and all will be open to the public. The purchase of the additional land was made possible through donations from the Government of Canada through the Natural Areas Conservation Program; the Regional Municipality of York; the late Ian Dalton; Dennis and Denise Starritt; Vicki and Paul Hotte; John and Margaret Catto; the Honourable Donna J. Haley; Jean O’Grady; Roy Val; and others who wish to remain anonymous.