Connor McDavid’s Hockey Card Sold for a Record Amount

This is why you keep your trading cards...

Edmonton Oilers Captain Connor McDavid’s rookie card is now the most expensive modern era hockey card.

He’s the poster boy for the NHL for good reason, Connor McDavid has lived up to all the hype and he dazzles with highlight goals while playing for a fairly weak team too.

His 2015 Upper Deck The Cup rookie card sold at an online auction for a record $55,655 US. Becoming the highest price tag for a modern day hockey card.

By the way that would be $72,215 CDN. Mind you, this was a special autographed card with actual material from one of his jersey’s, BUT STILL!

My Dad always say’s he wished my Grandma hadn’t thrown out all his old hockey cards. I wonder if he had a Bobby Orr rookie card? This is why you keep your trading cards!