Congrats Zach!

Close to $70,000 raised!

Image result for zach makes tracksHe finally made it!  A dream that started over two years ago was realized yesterday when 13 year old Zach Hofer made his way to the finish line at Parliament Hill in Ottawa greeted by throngs of well-wishers and congrats from many people from all across Canada.  Zach’s dream was to trek from Barrie to Ottawa to raise money for Youth Mental Health in our regional area.

The journey began close to a month ago, August 13th with a big send-off from Barrie.  Building up to and along the way, Zach’s story and journey captured the imagination of many people and communities along his 400 kilometre journey.  With some great planning and organizing thanks to his Mom and family, Zach managed to raise more than six times the original $10,000 amount he was hoping to raise for the Youth Mental Health program being developed at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie and more is still coming in.

Such a great story from such a great community.  How Zach will adapt to a normal 13 year old life after the months of buildup and the trek to Ottawa remains to be be seen but one thing is for sure, he’s already established himself as a community leader and has put a personal stamp on the development of the new Youth Mental Health program which will open later this year at RVH.