Comfortably Numb

Canada's State of the Art Tribute Show

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If you’re  a Pink Floyd fan, Comfortably Numb, Canada’s first and foremost Pink Floyd tribute are coming to Barrie this Friday night featuring their PIGS, WISHES & MOONS TOUR 2017 based on Pink Floyd’s legendary 1975 Boston Garden Concert.

For Pink Floyd fans, or anyone who ever wondered what a Pink Floyd show would be like, this show includes an immersive 3 hour state of the art multi media video, laser and light show that brings fans that much closer to the live Pink Floyd Experience.

This Barrie celebration to be staged at Maverick’s Music Hall in Barrie Friday May 12th is based on how Pink Floyd would perform songs live in concert during back in the 70’s and focusing on Pink Floyd’s albums – ANIMALS, DARK SIDE OF THE MOON & WISH YOU WERE HERE –  and also how they would interpret album versions of songs live in concert.

Tickets are available here, and be listening this week with Tim Westin for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the show all this week!