Collingwood Traffic Cops Keeping Busy

Two Busts In As Many Days At The Same Intersection

A few young lads are in hot water, thanks to separate Collingwood OPP traffic stops at the same intersection, less than a day apart. The first one was around 11:30 Thursday night, police say they clocked a car at 140km/h in a 60 zone.  They pulled this vehicle over on Grey Rd. 19 near Mountain Rd. and impounded the 18-year-old Collingwood lad’s ride. Next up, OPP set up a RIDE check at the same intersection n Friday evening and say one vehicle in particular caught their eye. Around 10:30, cops say a 17-year-old passenger from Toronto was found to be in possession of a slew of drugs such as Xanex. He’ll have his day in court early next month.