Collingwood Council Calling for Collus Inquiry

Judge To Look Into Details of 2012 Partial Sale of Local Utility

The Town of Collingwood hopes an investigation will clear the air. At this week’s meeting of council, a resolution was passed to bring in a judicial inquiry to look into the 2012 partial sale of Collus. It’s hoped the investigation will figure out the paper trail on this, after issue was raised over the amount of money council of the day claimed the sale brought in, versus how much actually went into town coffers. Deputy Mayor Brian Saunderson hopes this will answer some long standing questions.

He adds the process may alleviate some residents’ concerns.

Saunderson hopes the inquiry will prevent any similar occurrences in the future.

The Inquiry is expected to also look into questions raised over the connection between the mayor and her brother, contracted to the purchaser, Powerstream, at the time. A judge has yet to be assigned to the case, while Saunderson says an inquiry can be struck within 45 days.