Cola as Suntan Lotion?

This cannot be a good idea.

A new beauty trend is emerging with young people.  Some folks will do anything to turn up their tan. Go into a tanning beds, fake tanners, even spend hours in the dangerous rays of the sun.  So what is the new hot product everyone is using to get a golden tan? Coca Cola as a tanning lotion!

People keep on doing it because it actually kind of works. All you have to do its put Coke all over your body before you go to lay out in the sun and you’ll tan darker.

However it comes at a pretty big risk. Coke has very high acidity levels and it can be damaging to the skin, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Even Coca Cola themselves have warned against using the carbonated drink in this manner. Remember people, you can use Coke to unclog your drains. Don’t use it on your skin!