Climate Change Good For Canada…Sort Of

So-called 'nice' days could increase

A Princeton University professor says climate change might actually give Canada more nice weather days. Karin van der Wiel, writing in the Journal Climate Change, calculated how many mild days different regions of the world would experience taking greenhouse gases into consideration. While the world, on average, would lose four days of nice weather by 2035 and 10 days by 2081, Canada would gain anywhere from five days to three weeks of 18 to 30 celsius days – with less than a millimetre of rain and not a lot of humidity. Now, this doesn’t mean there won’t be a downside. Other studies have suggested Canada can expect more flooding downpours and winter rains that wash away before they can nourish crops. Forest fires, already at record levels, are likely to get bigger. Rocky Mountain glaciers are on their way out and the southern prairies will see more drought. Click here for more on van der Wiel’s research.