Clear Coffee is Here help keep your teeth white and give you a boost to get through the day

Coffee is a wonderful thing. So wonderful that many of us drink it multiple times a day, which is not great for our teeth. The solution is finally here in ClrCff Clear Coffee.

It’s described as “the first colourless coffee drink in the world” and promises to give coffee-lovers that much-needed jolt of energy and won’t ruin their teeth.


I know you’re thinking that there has to be a TON of preservatives and chemicals in this stuff to make it clear? Nope. According to the website, “Our product does not contain preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilizers, sugar or any other sweeteners.”

Metro spoke to a few individuals who have actually tried the clear coffee, and they say it’s “drinkable”…good enough for me!

Clear Coffee is currently only available in the UK, but they’re working on getting it to North America.