Clash of Colours Creates Kindness

by Emily Thouless, St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School

While the word “clash” may seem normal enough to a typical person, staff and students at St. Peter’s Catholic Secondary School in Barrie know “clash” is a lot more than just an average word. For the past fourteen years, students at St. Peter’s have taken part in the school’s annual “Clash of Colours” a celebration of crazy colours, competition and school unity that is the most highly anticipated event of the year. The event which sees each grades competing in a series of games and activities is fought long and hard over the course of one very special day, to see who can win the most spirit points, and become Clash Champion.

Clearly on the Orange Team!

Clash of 2017 was better than ever! A record number of students attended, there was an even better turnout of artists for the annual Clash of Talents, a Beavertail truck was hired for students to purchase treats, and there was even Clash history made when there was a tie between the Grade 10’s and Grade 11’s for the first time ever.

Crazy games and activities for everyone!

This year two sisters proved that Clash wasn’t just about unity within a grade, but throughout the entire school community.

Grade 11 and 12 students, Noelle and Sydney, are two sisters who, after two years of being mortal enemies in the “Clash of Colours,” decided it was time for a change, and instead of clashing head to head, they put their heads together to create something truly wonderful. Standing as a true example of sportsmanship the two sisters decided to be a cause for unity at St Peter’s, posting on social media their commitment to fixing any and all spirit posters that are often torn down by rival grades in the weeks leading up to Clash.

Great sportsmanship!

What started out as a small idea turned out to be an astonishing success, with the two sisters receiving overwhelming support for their endeavours. “It was a really amazing experience,” Grade 12 student Sydney expressed. “You realise how important it is to help each other out rather than tear each other down, and to see people who put so much effort into their posters be so grateful to us was just amazing.” As this was Sydney’s last year of Clash she was glad to see so much goodwill develop throughout the school, with her and Noelle’s efforts being just one of the many examples of kindness displayed in this year’s event.

School unity!

The theme of kindness is certain to continue in years to come as those responsible for organising Clash in Ms. Lemieux’s Grade 11 leadership class pulled out not only new games for this years Clash, but also a new marking scheme, with points not only being given for best spirit, cheers, or games won, but also for best sportsmanship, a type of kindness that can only be understood through the actions of others. With such an amazing attitude in this year’s Clash, it’s no wonder that everyone at St. Peter’s is already looking forward to next year’s event, as the fifteenth anniversary is expected to be louder, crazier, and more special than ever before.