City Kicking off Larviciding Program Across Barrie

Pellets Dropped into Catch Basins Designed to Control Mosquito Spread

Here’s a word for you: larvicide. Even the sound of it gives some of us the creepy crawlies, but you’ll be thankful for it. City of Barrie is conducting a larviciding program starting today, to control the spread of mosquitoes, and ultimately West Nile Virus. The program is under the direction of the local medical officer of health, and comes in two forms: Altosid Methoprene Pellets Mosquito Growth Regulator PCP# 21809 or the pouch formulation of Vectolex WSP Biological Larvicide PCP# 28009. This pellet formula is being placed in municipally owned catch basins or storm drains around the city, while those municipally owned basins on private property have to be done by request. Details on how to get the consent form can be found on the City of Barrie website. Otherwise, if you want to eliminate potential breeding sites, change bird bath water regularly, empty buckets, wheelbarrows and pots, cover boats and pools when not in use, and clean your eavestroughs out.