Check out this total monster who cuts long books in half to make them more portable

This Is A Crime

The science of virality can often be explained in simple terms: Cats and memes are true rulers. Sometimes, though, it’s something truly awful that captures attention online and spreads for the purpose of shaming its purveyor.

Enter: The Book Murderer.

One Twitter user posted a photo of long books he’s cut in half to make them more portable. Should he be locked up for eternity? Yes, absolutely. In this case, Infinite Jest is best left not read. Check out “book murderer” Alex Christofi below.

Perhaps it was done for the purpose of creating a viral meme. Still, it’s unforgivable! Get an e-reader, you monster.

Christofi was dragged in his replies, and rightfully so. He appears to be taking it in stride, so there’s that.