Check Out Sir Paul McCartney’s Celery Solo

Welsh band Super Furry Animals recently released the isolated audio

Welsh band Super Furry Animals were putting together their 2001 album Rings Around the World, and they mustered up the courage to reach out to Sir Paul and ask if the iconic Beatle would want to be on the track Receptacle for the Respectable, and Paul obliged.

Since he couldn’t make it to the recording session, McCartney cooked up something in his home studio and sent it over hoping the band would like it. It wasn’t vocals, or instrumental, it was the vegetarian artist… munchin on celery. Not a band to turn down a chance to have a Beatle be featured on their album, they added it in!

In celebration of  20 years of this album, Super Furry Animals released Sir Paul McCartney’s WICKED celery solo.



Here’s the original for ya!