Charging an Electric Car Could be as Fast as Pumping Gas Soon

From 10 hours to three minutes

There are more and more electric vehicles popping up on the roads. By 2035 the federal government has announced they will ban the sales of gasoline-fueled vehicles.

Currently electric vehicles take about 10 hours to charge fully at home. Even the fastest supercharging stations take about 20-40 minutes to fully recharge vehicles.

Scientists have been looking for answers in quantum physics.  A quantum battery that contains multiple cells can cut the battery charge time from 10 hours at home to about 3 minutes and from 30 minutes at the super charging stations to mere seconds.

There’s a long way to go before these technologies can be implemented in practice, but the news is promising for sure.

A visual illustration of today’s electric vehicle vs future vehicles based on quantum battery technologies. (photo via Institute for Basic Science)