CAUTION! The Halloween Decorations In This Link Have Caused The Police To Be Called…Twice

Is this going too far?

Photo from Steve Novak

Over the past few weeks I have found some really elaborate and impressive Halloween decorations, including a house that had lights synced with ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica, a house that had a full pirate ship on their yard, and now this — which is impressive in a different way because it is terrifying. Once you’re in on the joke and realize it’s just decorations it’s fine but the first time you cruise by this house and see it? Wow. It looks incredibly realistic and gory.

The man that lives at this house is a local artist out of Dallas, Texas named Steve Novak and apparently has done things like this in the past but never received this much attention before. The Halloween set up even had the cops called on him far.


The fact that there are no pumpkins in sight was the scariest thing to me — no jack o lanterns to assure you that it’s all just decorations.

Check out the full display here: