“Catching up” on Sleep, Might be a Lie

This is your brain, on sleep deprivation.

How many of you guys and gals have stayed up because an assignment needs that final touch, or maybe you were just having an absolute blast watching Judge Judy! I bet it’s almost, if not 100%.  In a recent small scale study out of Colorado, researchers wanted to find out how bad this really is, and if “catching up” was a total myth.

Here is a quote from Inverse explaining the findings

“In the small study, Colorado researchers demonstrate that getting only five hours of sleep each night is associated with health consequences like eating more after dinner, weight gain, the delayed release of the sleep-linked hormone melatonin, and reduced whole-body insulin sensitivity. More importantly, these effects don’t go away after a weekend of sleeping as much as you want if your unhealthy sleep patterns resume after the weekend.”

All in all, if your job is pushing you too hard, or your schedule isn’t allowing you to get those 8 hours in regularly… You may want to consider bringing this to the attention of the people who can change that

For more info here is Shannon, a P.H.D Neuroscience candidate, who decided to test the theory…. and shoot this video while completely sleep deprived!