Casino Workers At Rama Ratify First Collective Agreement

First collective agreement for the 1700 workers

Unionized workers at Casino Rama have ratified a first contract. Key concerns of the 1,700 new members at Casino Rama, included:

  • wage improvements and parity within classifications
  • a grievance and arbitration proces
  • equitable scheduling to maintain work/life balance
  • elimination of an unfair employee rating system
  • a women’s advocate program
  • improved vacation provisions, including pushing back on two tier vacations
  • benefit premium frozen for part time
  • skilled trades language
  • no contracting out
  • commitment to increasing full time employees
  • full time union representation

Almost 1,700 workers at Rama, including dealers, cashiers, slot workers, food and beverage staff, environmental services, finance, hotel, valet, entertainment and other staff, voted to join Unifor last year.