UPDATE: Casino Rama Hacked

Class Action Suit Being Launched

Saturday – Class action lawyers have been quick to jump on the cyber-attack revealed this week at Casino Rama. They plan to seek $50M in damages for employees, customers and vendors whose confidential information has been compromised. A statement of claim is expected to be filed in Superior Court on Monday. Casino officials issued a warning Thursday, to all of the above, to keep an eye on their bank accounts, credit cards and other financial information, admitting “certain employee and customer information was stolen.” A hacker claims to have accessed information dating back to 2004.

Thursday – If you’ve taken a gamble at Casino Rama of late, you better check your financial history. The resort says they’ve been hacked, with customers’ credit and debit information gleaned, along with employees’ information including social insurance numbers and date of birth. As a result, the casino is asking customers, employees and vendors to keep a sharp eye on bank accounts, credit card statements, and any other financial transactions.