Canadians Want More Vacation Time

But many aren't using they days they do get

Canadians get an average 17.5 vacation days a year, but a survey finds many finish the fiscal year not using three of those days. The Vacation Deprivation Survey found more than a quarter of Canadians often go a year or more without taking time off. That said, many Canadianns would like another 11.5 days off a year.

Some other survey results:

•68% consider vacation travel a necessity, not a luxury
•10% said they had not yet taken any vacation days this year (survey was done late August)
•One in five (21%) said they can’t afford to take all the vacation days they are entitled to
•17% say it’s because their work schedule doesn’t permit it
•When asked what they would do with just one holiday a year, Canadians say they prefer beach vacations with lots of relaxation time