Canadian Comedian Nathan Fielder Delivers Great Zoom Sketch

Have you ever over shared?

Nathan Fielder, originally from Vancouver, is perhaps best known for his Nathan For you. He explores often ridiculous business ideas that are filled with humour and a little bit of genius. That’s how the world found out about Nathan Fielder, but for years hew as a correspondent on This Hour Has 22 Minutes. He is known for his dry delivery that he executes to perfection so when I saw he put out some new content it was a must watch. Many of us are taking part in Zoom meetings or classes and know the difficulties that they present, and Nathan highlights what making a major mistake in a meeting would like.

If you had no idea who Nathan is, and maybe you don’t, he plays this to perfection, so much so that you would think it’s not a sketch.

Check out Nathan’s series which is available on Comedy Central, this trailer should do enough to entice you.