Canada’s Legalized Pot Plan

You could be legally high by Canada Day 2018

A CBC News report said last night the Government should have legalized marijuana in this country just in time to smoke up for Canada Day 2018.

After numerous broken election promises, this is one that looks like the Liberal government  is eager to push through.  The speculation is that legislation will be moved through the House of Commons the week of April 10th for the Government to vote on for legalization by July 1st of the following year.

Here’s how it may roll out.  The federal government will oversee making sure the pot is safe and secure and will license growers across Canada.  Meantime, the Provinces will have a say on how the weed is distributed and sold to the public, and they’ll get to set the price.  Ottawa is recommending that a minimum legal age of 18, but provinces will be able to raise the legal age if they wish. People who like to grow their own will be limited to 4 plants per household.

The government is saying they want to take the trade away from organized crime and instead line the government’s coffers from the proceeds.  Time will tell how this will all roll out, but if things go according to plan Kathleen Wynne could be your new dealer by next summer.