Can You Crack the Safe?

Combination Cracking Tips!

Starting today, you can win some cold, hard cash this summer with the ROCK 95 Safe Cracker contest.  Play along every weekday at 9, 2 and 5 for your chance to crack the safe.  The Jackpot starts at $500 and builds by $50 with each incorrect guess until someone cracks the combination and wins the cash inside.

If this was a game where you were told if your guess was too high or too low, you could actually figure out the combination number mathematically in about 7 chances, however as this is totally a random shot in the dark, it’s going to take a little longer to crack the safe unless you just get lucky which of course can certainly happen.  Your best bet is to check in daily with the numbers that have been previously guessed so that you can begin to narrow down the options for your chance to win the cash.

Good luck.  You could be a big cash winner this summer with ROCK 95.