Can YOU Answer These 20 Canadian Trivia Questions?

Test Your Knowledge!

We are all feeling pretty patriotic thanks to Canada 150, but now it’s the time to test just how much you actually know about our great country. This was a fun little game my fellow travellers and I would play when we wanted to pass the time on the train, and I wanted to try it out with you and see if you’re any better than we are. Scroll slowly so you don’t get a sneak peak at the answer before you guess, and don’t forget to tell us how well you did in the comments! Good luck!

Which Canadian City Is Considered “Hollywood North”?

Sorry if you guessed Toronto, it’s actually Vancouver! The city is second in TV production and third for feature film production in North America (behind Los Angeles and New York). While T.O. has lots of Canadian productions, Vancouver is home to many American series and movies such as Riverdale and Twilight.

How Many Points Does The Maple Leaf On The Flag Have?

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It’s got 11 points in all!


Which City Is Home To North America’s Largest Mall?

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It’s Edmonton, Alberta! Home to the West Edmonton Mall, this massive shopping center has an entire waterpark within its walls!


Which Canadian Chain First Opened In Hamilton In 1964

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It’s the Canadian classic, Tim Hortons! And has it ever grown. As of June 2013, the coffee chain had over 4,304 restaurants across the globe.


Where Is Canada’s Most Visited National Historic Site?

If you head over to Halifax, Nova Scotia, you can visit the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada! Originally built as a military fortification, it is now a tourist’s paradise with rich history and a beautiful view of the city.   For it’s history, the ocean views, delicious lobster, and beautiful views that the city has to offer, it’s no wonder Halifax made the 23 most magical places Canadians are visiting during the summer.


Which city hosts North America’s largest single day parade? (Bonus points if you can guess the parade!)

It’s the Carabina Parade in Toronto, Ontario! With a parade route of 3.6 km and taking over ten hours from start to finish, it is definitely a spectacle to look out for.


What Is Canada’s National Sport?

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Trick question – We’ve got two! Hockey and Lacrosse are our national sports, as declared by the “National Sports of Canada Act”.


Eat up! Which city has the most restaurants per capita in Canada?

Kudos to you if you guess Montreal! While reports vary, most studies find that the Quebec city leads the pack with nearly 27 restaurants per 10,000 people.


Which Canadian city ranks as the most educated in the country?

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It’s the nation’s capital, Ottawa! With 31.5% of their adult population having a university degree, it is probably also home to the most student debt in one city


Which City Was Home To The First North American YMCA?


It all started in Montreal in 1851!

What is the most purchased grocery item in Canada?

It’s the Canadian classic, Kraft Dinner! Surveys show it is our nation’s go-to pick when we go shopping, and it’s hard to deny considering how quick and tasty it is.

Canada is the largest exporter of what sweet little fruit?

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The answer is blueberries! With Canada exporting tens of millions of pounds of the sweet treat, it is the world’s second largest producer of the berry.


What is Canada’s oldest city?

Established 520 years ago in 1497, St. Johns, Newfoundland takes on this accomplishment!


How many time zones does Canada have?

There are six time zones across Canada; Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic, and Newfoundland (All of which I managed to hit on my journey!)


Which Canadian city has the most tourists?

The honour goes to Toronto with over 25 million visitors per year!



Only one province is officially bilingual, can you guess which one?

While Canada as a country is officially bilingual, the only province to do so is New Brunswick!

How many oceans border Canada?

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There are three oceans total. The Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Arctic all surround our nation.


Which province is home to Canada’s tallest mountain?

Mount Logan is Canada’s highest peak at 5959 meters, and it stands tall in the Yukon!


In which province could you find the cities “Goobies” and “Come By Chance”, and a provincial park named “Blow Me Down”?

These wildly named places can all be found on the East Coast in the province of Newfoundland! This picture specifically is from Blow Me Down Provincial Park.


Last One! 80% of the world’s supply of what comes from Canada?

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80% of the world’s supply of maple syrup comes from Canada! Eat up!

How many did you get right? Let us know below to brag about your patriotic trivia skills!