Burning Questions about Pot Legalization

Some Questions Answered, some remain

Well, we found out that legal weed, once it becomes available, will be going for around $10 per gram, and that the Provinces will be getting a 75 per cent cut of the proceeds, with the Feds getting a haul of the other 25%

We’re now 6 and a half months away from the target date of Canada Day 2018 for the legalization of cannabis.  The Provinces have been coming up with various methods on where and how they will sell the legal pot, but many questions still remain.

For example, Canada will find itself on the outside of three UN drug control treaties which means we will find ourselves out of compliance with the obligation under the treaties to restrict cannabis to “medical and scientific” purposes.   If not handled politically correctly, this could potentially lead to sanctions against Canada.  What about Canadians who travel abroad to various countries where they don’t have legalized marijuana and the Canadian becomes involved in a minor traffic accident or some other infraction in that country that leads to blood tests?

Here in Canada, how exactly will police control highways and suspected “high” drivers?  Do we know enough about what the effects of health care in the Country will be?  There’s a lot of questions still to be answered but the clock is quickly ticking toward that July 1st, 2018 deadline.

There’s no question there will be some consequences to the legalization of pot, both good and bad, and of course one of the biggest questions for a lot of people is, can our political leaders be trusted to handle it all?