Bride and Groom Demand Guests Pay for Wedding After It Got Cancelled Due to Covid-19

...and the rebooking fees

So many events and trips have been cancelled due to Covid-19, including weddings.

Many couples have asked vendors to hold onto deposits for future dates, while others have asked for refunds…but one couple apparently expected guests to pay for the wedding and the rescheduling fees.

Someone on Reddit (Spidercactus56) shared a story about his brother’s wedding. It was originally scheduled to happen earlier this month. He said people were upset because the bride and groom still expected everyone to pay for the wedding. He said, “the amount we had to pay rose from £500 to £1500 ($600-$1800) pretty much over night. This is just for 1 person, not even a plus one.”

He went on to say that many guests simply declined the invitation or refused to pay. When the pandemic hit and everything had to be rescheduled, the prices everyone was expected to pay went up from $1800 to $2000.

Here’s the full story:

Bride and Groom Demand Guests foot the bill for expensive wedding from r/bridezillas