Brexit: Fate of the EU Decided Today

Will the UK leave the European Union?

Today is the day Brits go to the polls to determine whether or not to stay within the European Union or to exit the E.U. and strike out on their own.

After a very divisive and loud debate from both sides, the Country will have its say one way or another on the contentious issue today.

Unlike a general election, there isn’t any exit polls set up to give us an indication of which way the vote is going to go until actual counted vote results start to roll in which could occur late evening tonight or into the wee hours of the morning (our time) before we have any early indications on how things are going to turn out.

Many people worry that if Britain leaves the European Union, the economic shock waves could ripple throughout the world.  Others think the impact won’t be that severe, and that here in Canada we’d hardly notice.  The truth is, no one really knows what will happen.

Investors are watching nervously.  The European Union itself is on edge as its future will become unclear as well, and of course Britain itself will have a new reality to deal with tomorrow if there is a final “exit” result.

By this time tomorrow, we’ll know.