ROCK 95 in association with Impact Live, StS Promotions, Mavricks Music Hall & We Love Sound are excited to announce a brand new concert series supporting LOCAL MUSICIANS!



ROCK 95 presents in association with Impact Live, StS Promotions, Mavricks Music Hall & We Love Sound present BREAKOUT SOUND 3 a Christmas Concert Party In Support Of Central Ontario’s INDIE Emerging Artists .

Saturday December 21st at Mavericks Music Hall featuring:

The Carl Rundown Band:

Four guys from Innisfil deliver a meaningful musical experience every time they have a chance to perform. Starting out in garages, basements and bonfires before moving to big stages, these gentlemen give it their all for any audience they are in front of.  They each bring a genuine skill to creating every new song that they write. Releasing their 3rd EP- “Goin in without a Plan” in October 2018, these guys show no sign of slowing down.  They are still riding the energy of the fans at their show opening for The Trews, March 1st 2019 at Mavericks in Barrie Ont, and they cannot wait for what’s next.

Cousin Jack:

In the summer of 2015,after crossing paths in individual side projects and being referred to each other by mutual friends.Barrie Ontario locals Jake Thompson Drums/Vocals , Cameron Stevenson (Bass/vocals) and Lucas (Guitarist/vocalist) almost instantaneously meshed and began writing together. Carrying over a name thrown around in Cameron and Jake’s previous project “Cousin Jack” was born. At this time all three members were going through challenging times in their personal lives which inevitably brought them closer together and formed unbreakable bond.

Michael Constantini:

A geniune musician with a high energy soul rock sound. Based from Toronto, Ontario, Costantini has been active in the scene for 12 years. A veteran with over 2,000 shows under his belt, Michael has been honing his craft as a musician and has never sounded better. His main influences include the of John Mayer, Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin, and Sound Garden. Costantini’s sound is based on these legendary artists, combining all of them in one as well as putting his own musical vision and heart into it. Formerly of the Ontario based rock group Organic Funk, Michael Costantini has recently gone solo and is working harder than ever to attain his dreams as a staple in Rock music.

Veil Unknown:

Veil Unknown is a Canadian rock band formed in Barrie, Ontario in 2015. On January 3rd 2015 their first demo for the song “Changes” surfaced on-line and quickly began to receive positive response. On Saturday April 18th the trio , consisting of Emanuel (Guitar / Vocals) Armando (Bass) and Jordan (drums) made their live debut playing at the historical MOD club in Toronto.

Sierra Pilot:

Combining an edgy, modern and elegantly dynamic take on the traditional rock genre, Sierra Pilot is that rare band that has no qualms about celebrating their musical influences, while at the same time forging a new, adventurous musical path, unconcerned with bending to the will of trends or conforming to expected norms.

TICKETS: $10 advance (all-in) available ONLINE and in person at Sunrise Records (Bayfield Mall) & Liquid Chrome (Barrie 5 Pts.)

For details, to submit your band and to buy tickets click here.