Bradford West Gwillimbury Going To Bat For Farmers

Opposes closure of Canal Road ramps to Highway 400

The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury is sending a note to the Ministry of Transportation about the impending closure of the ramps from Canal Road to Highway 400. The ramps are to be closed permanently when construction begins to replace the highway bridges over Canal Road. BWG Mayor Rob Keffer says closing the ramps would be a huge inconvenience to farmers in terms of time and fuel costs. He says it would add 30 minutes or more to the time it takes getting trucks to the highway and then to market. Keffer is hoping to be able to meet with the Ministry to discuss the possibility of incorporating new ramps to and from Canal Road into the new bridge construction. He admits the town, a few years ago, agreed the ramps could be closed as some point due to safety concerns related to the canal itself and traffic flow. Those concerns have since been addressed, says Keffer, with the relocation of the canal.

Mayor Keffer: