Borat Was In Toronto…And London…And All Over

Wear Mask, Save Live

Ahead of the big premiere for the sequel to Borat it looks like Amazon decided to do some publicity by rolling out a massive inflatable Borat in the Toronto harbour front. Imagine waking up to this in the morning?

The movie is set to be released Friday Oct 23rd, or if you stay up late enough tonight, only a few hours from now. There has been a lot of hype for this movie for various reasons like the success of the first one, the fact we as a civilization want and need new content, the story about Rudy Giuliani and how he may have been caught in a compromising position — this movie has a lot going for it. Will it deliver? We will find out before the start of the weekend.

Busy day for Borat—– here he is making his way down the Thames River in London, England.