Blue Jays ‘Flu’ Set To take Hold

Many businesses ready for it

May be more than a few empty chairs at the office today as workers deke out early – maybe don’t show up at all. First pitch between the Jays and the Rangers is just after 3:30 this afternoon. A lot of businesses anticipating such absenteeism have given workers the afternoon off or will set up TVs around the office to salvage at least some productivity. And there’s nothing wrong with that, says John Fisher at U of Ts Rotman School of Business. He says corporations that ignore the outside interests of their staff do so at their own peril. Still, he says there has to be a balance between employee satisfaction and company productivity.  (Best excuse I ever saw for leaving early for a sporting event was during the first Canada-Russia hockey series in the 70s. Sign out sheets in the office were filled with ‘Hockey Game’ as the reason for leaving. One guy really captured the mood of the day, though. His reason was ‘To fulfil my patriotic duty as a Canadian citizen’ – Blakeley)