Blue Jays Broadcaster Jerry Howarth Retires After 36 Years

Health Issues Affecting His Voice Is The Leading Factor For The Decision

After 36 years in the business, Jerry Howarth, has decided to step away from his job as radio voice for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Howarth, 71, has been struggling with some health issues affecting his voice in the past few years, which has made him decide to end his fantastic career.

“I had every intention of continuing my career into the 2018 season but my health and stamina and continuing voice issues dictated otherwise,” said Howarth. “Who knew that I would spend more than half my life in Toronto with my wife, Mary, and our two sons, Ben and Joe, doing what I love to do most, reaching out to friends and fans alike across our great country to talk baseball? I am blessed and I am grateful. I thank everyone who has made this journey of mine so rewarding in every way.”

Howarth started his career in 1974 with the Tacoma Twins of the Pacific Coast League. He then became part of the Blue Jays club in 1981 and has broadcasted around 7,500 professional baseball games in his entire career! He’s been calling every huge accomplishment by the Jay’s including six division titles and two World Series championships.

Howarth was best best known for his conversational style broadcasting approach when it came to overlooking Jay’s games. His catch phrases like ‘There She Goes!’ for home runs, “He scorrrrres” or “The Blue Jays are in flight” will always be remembered and referenced to in years to come.

Howarth was also a very meticulous man. At the beginning of the Jay’s spring training, he would make notes about plays, new discoverys of players athleticism, and other interesting artifacts in a notebook. He’d keep it with him throughout the entire season and call upon certain things throughout games.

“He’s been there for every home run, strike out, and flip of the bat that has mattered most to Blue Jays fans,” said Dave Cadeau, national format director for sports on Rogers Radio. “He’s as knowledgeable a baseball mind as you can find, and an even better storyteller. It’s been a privilege to work with Jerry over the years.”

Image courtesy of the Toronto Blue Jays