Bleeker Is On A Roll!

They Move On Again In LoudWire's Cage Match!

Looks like Bleeker is on a roll!

After their song “Highway” defeated Incubus’ “Nimble Bastard” in Loudwire’s Cage Match, Bleeker faced off against Through Fire’s “Breathe” in the next round. Bleeker fans once again showed their love, and by a vote of 74.4% the boys moved on again.

Bleeker was then Radkey, and their song “Dark Black Makeup”. They took that one as well, and are now 3-for-3 in Cage Match’s.

This week, the Orillia band will face a formidable opponent in Avatar, who are hoping for their own win streak to start with their offering “New Land”.

You can vote for Bleeker until May 8th here.