Billy Corgan Calls Chad Kroeger “Incredible Songwriter” and Compares Nickelback To…

You won't guess what he compares Nickelback to.

Nickelback has had a lot of hits over the years but recently they got a very nice compliment.

From one rock band frontman to another.

The Smashing Pumnpkins frontman Billy Corgan was speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and gave a huge compliment to Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, calling him an “incredible songwriter.”

He said “He’s an incredible songwriter”.

And then he goes on to compare pop music to porn.

“I don’t know enough about their world, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong if that’s who you want to be. Pop is predicated on satisfying. I’ve said many times pop is porn. It’s porn, they want to get you off. It’s just how they’re going to get you off. I’m not that concerned with getting you off. I’m just not.”