Big, Hairy Blob Washes Up On Beach In The Philippines

Locals are calling it a 'Globster

A huge, hairy monster has washed up on a Philippines beach. No one is quite sure what it is. What they do know is it’s about 20 feet long, appears to have white shaggy hair – a decomposing blob that looks as if it is melting. The common thought is it was once a whale. For now, locals are calling it a ‘globster’, a term used to describe blob-like creatures without obvious eyes and bones, or a visibly distinct head.

The ‘globster’ has ignited fears in some residents. Folklore suggests when creatures from the deepest parts of the ocean start appearing, something bad will happen.

A similar creature washed up on another Philippines beach in February 2017. After much speculation, local officials declared it to be a whale.

The strands of “hair” on the carcass really the remains of muscles and blubber – connective tissue between the muscle and blubber is quite tough, and can fray into a straggly hair-like coating.

Banner photo: ViralPress via Twitter