Best Desserts From Across Canada

Try Not To Drool On Your Screen

Way back at the start of my trip in Vancouver, a friend of mine brought me to the Richmond Night Market. It has carnival games, vendors, entertainment, and massive dinosaur sculptures. It also has some of the craziest desserts I have ever seen. We’re talking about fish-shaped cakes, mocktails that light up in bright neon colours, and giant dew drops with a side of syrup. It got me wanting more, so I took it upon myself to find the coolest, prettiest, and craziest desserts across Canada. Good luck keeping yourself from drooling all over your screen!

Marshmallow Mermaid Pie (Pie Cloud, Calgary AB)


Their website describes it as “tart orange curd flavoured with the zing of Blue Curacao, resting on a flaky pastry crust and heaped with a marshmallow cloud topping”. I describe it as perfect.

Macarons (Nadege Patisserie, Toronto ON)

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These delicious little guys are crunchy on the outside, and oh-so-soft on the inside thanks to the buttercream, ganache, or jam middles. Also, they make for the perfect dainty dessert to go with your afternoon tea.

Cheesecake Waffle (Off The Grid Waffles, Vancouver BC)

Cheesecake + Waffles = Heaven. Pretty much every waffle these guys make is a work of art, but this stack of four baby waffles is absolute genius in my eyes. SO tasty!

Ice Cream Taco (Rain Or Shine, Vancouver BC)

Want to be apart of Taco Tuesday, but also craving dessert? Rain or Shine Ice Cream in Vancouver can help with that! Two scoops and some toppings in a waffle taco… sounds too good to be true. Only available on Tuesdays.

Ice Cream (Sweet Republic, White Rock BC)

By far one of my favourite desserts on this trip came from Sweet Republic in White Rock, BC. Their ice cream is top notch, and covered in all kinds of crazy toppings! A must for any foodie.

Cotton Candy Latte (Initium, Toronto ON)

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If regular lattes just aren’t sweet enough for you, check out Initium’s cotton candy latte! Just a cup full of deliciousness.

Decked Out Ice Cream (Dutch Dreams, Toronto ON)


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Get some sweet shots for your Instagram at Dutch Dreams in Toronto, home of the decked out ice cream cone! My mouth is watering just thinking of it.

30 minutes away from this gourmet ice cream shop are the Toronto Islands.  Why not make an afternoon of tasty treats and city views?



Macaron Tower (Quelque Chose Patisserie, Ottawa ON)

If this list is giving you cravings but you’re not the only mouth to feed, take a look at Quelque Chose’s Macaron Towers. Perfect for a big crowd. They also had these super cool Canada 150 macarons!

La Fiesta Churro (Mr. Churritos, Ottawa ON)


This one is like a sweet tooth’s dream with sugar, icing, sprinkles, and of course a fresh churro. What more could you ask for?

Krusty The Cone (Sweet Jesus, Ottawa ON)

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This ice cream cone is fun, beautiful, and delicious. And don’t worry if you can’t make it to Ottawa, they’ve also got a Toronto location!

Cupakes (Layers, Halifax NS)


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If you want a classic cupcake, Layers in Halifax has got it down pat! Their creations are both jaw-droppingly gorgeous and beyond tasty.

Now it’s your turn. Where are some of the coolest, sweetest, or just plain greatest desserts in your hometown? Let us know in the comments!