Beer Could Be Coming To A Pizza Pizza Near You?

Because Nothing Goes Together Better Than Pizza And Beer

Pizza and beer are one of life’s staples for a weekend dinner. The oozy, melting cheese on a perfectly cooked pie pairs perfectly with a crisp beer in hand.

One Pizza Pizza location has applied for a liquor license to be able to do exactly that. The location at 536 St Clair Avenue West has applied for an indoor and outdoor liquor license, Blog TO points out. That location has a patio, so if approved, you can enjoy a slice with a cold one outside.

This could be the testing ground for Pizza Pizza. If the pilot is successful, then it’d be smart to expand it to many of their other locations, like here in Simcoe County.

If approved, many other fast food joints will take notice and we could start seeing beer sales in local burger joints as well. The possibilities are endless.

Photo from Pizza Pizza.