Be Prepared For Round Two

Electrical Authorities Say We Are Not Done Yet

Power Stream says the number of people in Barrie and New Tecumseth without power has dwindled down to 37. Crews have been working since Thursday nights storm to restore electricity to everyone. Ontario Hydro meanwhile,  is working to get their power up and running as well. The bulk of customers without electricity is centered around Alliston. As it stands now that number has dropped to below 1000. The estimated time of repair is still late tomorrow morning.
Crews are still cleaning up after the ice storm…. now we are expecting rain and lots of it. The waterworks are expected to start tonight and could be heavy at times…. dropping up to 50 mm on us in less than 24 hours. That has the potential for flooding.
Springwater Fire-department  is recommending that you make sure your sump pump is working and all your downspouts are clear of debris.
Electrical authorities say be prepared for another round. With the rainfall warning in the forecast there is the potential for flooding and trees, that are already weakened by the ice storm to topple over, causing the power problems to start up again. Storm Damage can be reported on Power Streams web page, under power outages.