Barrie Transit Changes

Increased Service To Accommodate Shift Workers and Make More Train Connections

Route Changes Effective May 29

On May 29, 2016 Barrie Transit will be making route revisions and improvements to routes 1, 3, 4, 7, 8 and introducing Route 11  to the Lockhart Dr area. The new system map outlines the affected routes; updated schedules & maps are also available. The changes address operational issues in the south end and improve overall service. The benefits include:

  • Greater direct connections from southwest Barrie to the South GO station
  • Increased service to Park Place
  • Increased ability to connect the Huronia Rd medical clinic, and future Bayview Dr medical clinic
  • Increased early morning trips to make all train connections
  • Increased late evening service to accommodate factory shift work
  • Increased late evening service frequency for Route 1
  • Increased connection to shopping areas
  • No additional contract cost
Revision Effective May 29, 2016
1 Will no longer service Baldwin Ln, Bayview Dr & the Mapleview & Barrie View Dr area.

Will service Fairview Rd, Little Ave & Huronia Rd north of Big Bay Point Rd.

3 Will no longer service Fairview Rd, Little Ave & Huronia Rd north of Big Bay Point Rd

Will service Baldwin Ln, Bayview Dr, Mapleview Dr & Huronia Rd south of Big Bay Point Rd.

4 Will provide additional service coverage to / from the Big Bay Point Rd & Yonge St commercial area, & the Painswick Library.
7 Will no longer service Marsellus Dr, Athabaska Rd & the Bear Creek Special.

Will service Mapleton Ave out to Essa Rd, Essa Rd, Caplan Ave & the Park Place commercial area.

8 Will no longer service the Huronia Medical Clinic, Churchill Dr and Mapleview Dr east between Essa Rd & Marsellus Dr.

Will service Athabaska Rd, the Bear Creek Special and Mapleview Dr west between Bayview Dr & Huronia Rd.

11 NEW direct to / from service coverage to connect the Lockhart & Huronia Rd residential area to the Park Place transfer hub.