Barrie Residents Receive Ontario 150 Awards

Building a vibrant and compassionate community

Nineteen women, 11 men, 8 youths and three groups were honoured with Ontario 150 Awards last night at South Shore Centre in Barrie. MPP Ann Hoggarth citing them for helping build Barrie into a vibrant and compassionate community.

The individuals receiving this award have helped volunteer in our community in one of the following ways: Celebrating diversity/inclusion, Protecting Barrie’s Heritage, Protecting Barrie’s Environment, Promoting a healthy community, and Building Barrie’s capacity to be more vibrant and compassionate.

The recipients of the award are:


  • Kathy McCarroll
  •  Mary-Florence Bartley
  • Jean McGinley
  • Betty Fyshe
  • Barb White
  • Sylvia Patfield
  • Sandra Porter
  • Dorothy McIlravey
  • Victoria Potter
  • Lori Aylwin
  • Linda Moorhouse
  • Ina Smith
  • Mona Taylor
  • Lorriane Lowe
  • Shannon Murree
  • Wendy Lee
  • Krista Green
  • Margo Fraser
  • Lynn Monague -Sauve


  • Ernest Matton
  • Mark Fisher
  • Tom McBride
  • Terry Hoffman
  • Tom Scharf
  • David Lowe
  • Peter Silveira
  • Dr. Sam Quadri
  • Rodney Burns
  • Stewart Garner
  • Paul Millington


  • Georgian College Student Association Barrie Executive
  • Nancy & Charles Drury
  • Law Enforcement Torch Run Committee (Barrie Police Service)