Barrie Police Present $48.9 million Budget To City Hall

Budget Contains Expenses For Cruiser Improvements, Mental Health Initiatives

Barrie Police have a number in mind, let’s see how close city hall can get to it. Last night, the city’s police service presented their annual budget to Barrie’s council. They’re asking for a 2.98% increase in funding from the city over last year. That money would go towards not only the usual police expenses, but also such projects as mobile licence card readers installed and defibrillators in cruisers, along with reducing the amount of time it takes to transfer folks to mental health services. No new officers are expected to be hired on in a budget pegged at $48.9 million. That’s just shy of a million dollars more than last year’s budget. This is one of many annual steps taken in preparing the whole city’s budget, and council will mull the presentation over and are expected to hand down a decision on the budget next week.