“Barrie is a great place to do business.”

International Study Shows It Costs Less To Do Business in Barrie

Barrie made the top ten in a global business study. KPMG, a global auditor, took a look at over a hundred cities in ten countries around the world, and say, in short, Barrie is a good place to do business. The study shows Barrie is 5th among 17 Canadian cities in the study, and 7th among all 111 featured cities. Our fair city also raks first in lowest industrial leasing or facility construction, and second lowest property tax costs. Barrie’s manufacturing sector ranks second, while our digital services are third, and the R&D industry in Barrie came in at number seven on the list. Mayor Jeff Lehman says this study confirms what many have already discovered: “Barrie is a great place to do business.” On a national level, the KPMG study shows Canada as a whole has the second lowest cost to do business among all participating countries. Mexico sits at number one, the United States eeked into the ranking, sitting at number ten.