Barrie Hopes Province Will Help Ban Aggressive Door-To-Door Sales

City Asking Province To Ban Door-To-Door Selling of Home Services Like Water Heaters

Have you ever gotten one of those aggressive door-to-door salespeople that won’t take no for an answer when you tell them you don’t need a new water heater? You’re not alone, and the City of Barrie is trying to put an end to it. At City Hall Monday night, council voted to send a letter to the Provincial government, asking that legislation be put in place to prevent this sort of thing. The letter will ask that rules be put in place that ban contracts be signed at a person’s house, for products or services related to home services. Things such as ventilation equipment or water heaters wouldn’t be allowed to be bought through door-to-door salesmen. This legislation would need to come from the provincial level, as municipal governments don’t have that power.