Barrie Central Collegiate Reunion

Check it out this weekend!

On June 30th, the oldest school in Simcoe County, Barrie Central Collegiate will close its doors forever.  The school has an amazing history and students have attended Barrie Central since it was first founded in 1843.

This weekend, former students, staff, teachers and all sorts of people associated with the school in years past and present will be coming from far and wide this weekend to reminisce back to their days spent at Barrie Central, remembering friends, teachers, staff and all of the many memories that get made during those formative years for students.

Barrie Central has a pride-filled past as well and has had many accomplishments and was well known over the years for things like its music and drama programs, the Barrie Central Concert band,  its amazing rugby success,  and a host of other accomplishments.

BCC has had a definite impact on the city over the years, also in the province and the country as well.  Some of the graduates fought in world wars, became inventors and scientists, there were world class athletes, politicians and even our current Mayor is a grad.

Barrie Central will celebrate its proud history, and winning tradition with a final weekend long celebration this weekend.   For details on the many events click here.