Back to School

Suddenly it's the new normal

It’s that time of year!  First day back to school.  Most people have memories good and bad about their school days, but there was always something special about going back to school after a long summer of just hanging out.

Each kid reacts to it differently.  Some have their back-to-school clothes all neatly laid out the night before and are ready to go first thing in the morning, other kids are at the beginning of a hunger strike in protest.

Parents too.   Some parents send their kids back to school with a tear in their eyes as they’ll miss the kids being around the house.  Other parents are out throwing flowers up to the school bus driver when they open the school bus doors to take their kids away.

The other reality that occurs today is the suddenly noticeable increase in the city’s traffic flow.  All of a sudden there are more cars, buses and pedestrians all making their way to the different schools in town.  Take it easy out on the roads on your way to and from work.  Pack some patience and in a few days, the increased traffic will just feel like the new normal.