Austrian Man Beats His Own Record For Longest Submersion In Ice

2 hours and 30 minutes spent in an ice bath

There are benefits to being in ice cold water. For example, at Scandinave Spa in Blue Mountain, they have the cold plunge which is supposed to be good for your system. For me, I’m in and out of the cold plunge in a matter of seconds. Imagine staying in that, but even colder, for hours. Josef Koeberl did and just beat his own record for longest full-body contact with ice cubes on Saturday.

He stayed in for 2 hours, 30 minutes and 57 seconds inside a custom-made glass box filled up to his shoulders with ice cubes. His own record that he beat was 30 minutes last year. It’s not not like was wearing a wetsuit or anything to keep warm. He had nothing on but swim trunks.

So how did he fight the pain of the freezing temps? He says he was trying to focus on positive emotions.

After being taken out of the ice box by helpers he said that the sun felt “really great” on his back. I bet it would!

He holds the world record now. What a cool dude! Literally!

Images via Twitter / @JosefKoeberl