Arkells Share New Song ‘Knocking At The Door’

Thirsty For More, More, More

Hamilton’s finest are back with a brand spankin’ new single this morning and it’s a heck of a banger.

Less than a week after their stellar JUNOs performance, the Arkells have released “Knocking At The Door”, a powerful, upbeat track. The new track from the gold-selling band will be included on the Deluxe Edition of their 2016 album Morning Report, which is set for release this spring.

“We kicked off this year with a tour across North America. The top of 2017 proved to be an inspiring time to travel the continent, and the experience of playing for different communities began to inform new musical ideas,” said frontman, Max Kerman in a press release. “Every night on stage, new melodies, words and arrangements began percolating throughout the band. When we came home we got right to work on this song. We didn’t want to wait around to release it. We wanted you to hear it now.”

Hear “Knocking at the Door” below: